• Server Features

      * Full Aion client version - 4.7

      * Most of all retail Quest !
      * Windstream works!
      * Day/Night Spawns.
      * Broker.
      * Characters creation.
      * Player cube expansion (inventory), warehouse.
      * Items support, equipements, potions, food
      * Exping and level up is possible.
      * Player stats.
      * Monsters move and attack normally (Basic AI).
      * Merchant npc sale & buy items, shops 100%.
      * IngameShop (Korea)
      * Drop and loot system from monsters.
      * Normal & Flight Teleport.
      * Trade between players.
      * Player class change.
      * Player pvp system.
      * Player vs Player (pvp) in the Abyss.
      * Player duel system.
      * Players friend system.
      * Npc titles.
      * Other npcs <> players interaction.
      * Npc Movement and walking
      * Spawn protection
      * Different skill types: (hundreds of skills working correctly)
      * Items stats attributes, attack, defense, etc.
      * Quests engine with campaign quests, group drop distribution for quests
      * Skillbooks
      * Advanced Configurable Stigma system
      * Group system
      * Manastone socketing and bonuses
      * Enchant System
      * Plastic Surgery Ticket
      * Gender Switch Ticket
      * Name Change Ticket
      * Partial Plastic Surgery Item Exchange Coupon
      * Rifts and rift announcements
      * Instances support
      * Personal warehouses.
      * Account warehouses.
      * Legion system with many advanced features
      * Alliances
      * Gathering process and gather skill level up
      * Crafting support
      * Godstone socketing and effects
      * Items Remodeling
      * Fusion of Weapons
      * Proper damage formulas.
      * Dual Wielding (You don't belive that? Finally the Assassine dreams comes true.)
      * Private shops
      * Flying timer, correct gliding
      * Zone manager with drowning/breath area
      * Item set bonuses
      * Basic npc skills support
      * Fortress works
      * Fortress Instances works
      * Artifacts spawned correctly
      * Shields implemented for the forts in the abyss.
      * Siege Scheduler (with 3 settings)
      * Hourly Onlinebonus

      Instances: *.*

      * Retail DarkPoeta Pointssystem (all runs)
      * Retail Beschmundir (with Hardmode)
      * Retail Dredgion (Point and AP Rewards System)
      * Scheduled Siege
      * Empyrean Crucible Stages
      * Solo Crucible Challenge
      * Crucible Coliseum
      * Arena of Discipline
      * Arena of Chaos

      Aion 3.0

      Retail Aion 3.0 Quest, Instances, Maps, NPC's, Items and all new Skills, included special new Skills.
      Mounts and Housing

      We add special effects and enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI2) to the Mobs, which are now more AI and Skills.
      Mobs random moving, single or in group is more natural now.
      Many retail features were reworked, such Abyss Siege, Abyss Fortresses Shield Protection & Artifacts

      * Daily Quests

      Daily Quests have been added and begin at level 30. When you reach levels 30 and 40, you will automatically receive an introduction Quest leading you to the recruitment officer for each organization.
      Join an organization to participate in daily quests and receive rewards. For completion of these quests you will receive some EXP, a bundle item, and a token that can then be exchanged for items at various Reward Stewards. Explore your options and figure out what works best to get to your desired reward.
      The second organization, which opens for enrollment at level 40, is located in the Abyss and offers rewards such as: Titles with PvP options, Abyss Relics, and Silver Medals.
      The various Daily Quests and Guild Quests and a lot of armor and weapons from them.

      * Extras:

      Dredgion Balaur Carrier Assault
      New Sieges

      Hourly Online Reward System
      Hourly Event Reward System

      * Motion

      * Security and Anti-Cheet System
      * Full GeoData 3.0 Support
      Full Chatserver Support:

      - All Basics
      - /1 Local
      - /2 Trade
      - /3 Group = LFG full working
      - /4 Class

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    • Server Status