• How To Connect

      Current supported version: 3.7 NA & 3.9 EU

      Installing Aion

      1. Download the NCSoft Launcher. Click Here NA Client
      2. Download the GameForge Launcher. Click Here EU Client
      2a. Install Aion with the NCSoft Launcher.
      3. Load the game using the NCSoft Launcher.
      4. When you have reached the login screen, close the game. This step is very important because it means your computer is able to run Aion! The NCSoft Launcher will fix any DirectX issues you might have as well.

      Download NoIP_Restrict here
      • Extract in your Aion bin32 folder

      To be able to join our Aion server, you will need two separately accounts;

      Forum Account, please register here.
      Game Account, please register here.
      Download our Launcher from here
      • Extract to your Desktop

      Start the Game and enjoy AbyssWars
    • Server Status